Welcome to my beauty blog DelilaSophia!


Playing with a bright pink lip and silver shadow, I wore this out for a day with my in-laws

Hi there! I’m Jessica and this is my beauty blog, Delila Sophia. I thought you all might enjoy knowing a bit more about me and what this blog will be about so here go…

I was born in Knoxville, TN and I didn’t even touch makeup until I was an older teen, and then it was black eyeliner, leading into black lipstick, and then a few bold colors of eyeshadows during my goth phase in college. I actually didn’t start learning a more natural look or how to enchance my features until my mid-twenties when I became a freelance model. Being a model meant I eventually had to learn to do my own makeup, so I headed into a Sephora and picked up my first palette by KatVonD and a few other items.

From that point on I quickly became obsessed. I joined beauty message boards and discovered indie cosmetics as well. Due to this discovery, as well as developing sensitivities to certain scents and ingredients, I’ve shifted my collection to be more indie focused and also more ingredient-conscious. I still use some less-than-natural products, but I’m working on phasing them out. I’m also very cost conscious and I tend to do my research before buying an item on a whim.

Through those beauty forums, Pinterest, and a few Facebook groups, I’ve learned how to enhance my natural features, how to play with color, and how to pull off some of the bolder trends while still looking like the me that I am. I usually wear makeup to play up my features, so I wanted my blog to focus on very wearable looks that should be fairly easy to do, with my focus on affordable, often ingredient-conscious products.


A monochromatic look with purples, featuring indie and drugstore brands

I think I like easy looks that I can wear out because I really do love playing with makeup and if I can’t wear it out, then what am I going to do with it all, right? I like creating looks that I can wear out shopping, for weekend outings, to see family, and to attend art events. I’m an art events coordinator, along with being a model, and when I’m hosting an event I want to look my best, but I also want to stand out a little bit. Makeup is one really fun, pretty quick way I can do that.

So if you’re looking for looks that almost anyone can do, with products that don’t have as many (or sometimes any) chemicals and that won’t cost a small fortune, I think you’ll enjoy following my blog.