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Beautifully Simple Look No. 1

You all know I love wearable looks and this is a quick, simple, but very pretty example. The tones are pinks with a subtle glow that adds a bit of dimension. Face I started with my Little Barn Apothecary Geranium & White Tea Beauty Mist because my face was a bit dry, but I knew the makeup was going to be indoors only and I would be removing it in a couple hours. Toners (not the astringent kind) and mists like this help soften and rehydrate skin which I’ve found

Delila Sophia's 6 Lip Colors for Fall

6 Ingredient-Conscious Lip Colors for Fall

Delila Sophia's 6 Lip Colors for Fall

Okay, so as much as I like summer, I love fall too and especially this little collection of lip colors I’ve curated for myself for the fall (though I’m sure I’ll be reaching for others, too). Of course I’ve included the expected purples and berries, but I think brick reds and neutrals are great for fall too. I chose these because I think it’s a great range from the darker and bolder to the softer and more neutral. These are also all ingredient-conscious, paraben free, and affordable (under $10).