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Beautifully Simple Look No. 1

You all know I love wearable looks and this is a quick, simple, but very pretty example. The tones are pinks with a subtle glow that adds a bit of dimension. Face I started with my Little Barn Apothecary Geranium & White Tea Beauty Mist because my face was a bit dry, but I knew the makeup was going to be indoors only and I would be removing it in a couple hours. Toners (not the astringent kind) and mists like this help soften and rehydrate skin which I’ve found

DelilaSophia Bold Eyeshadow Bright Liner #1

Experimenting with Color: Bold Eyeshadow – Two Ways

DelilaSophia Bold Eyeshadow Bright Liner #1

I’m going to show you how to experiment with color featuring a bright blue shadow. One of my all time favorite ways to wear bold eyeshadow colors is as eyeliner and a close second favorite is blended out into my crease. You can do one or the other, or both, it’s your choice!