Lovely Look: No. 2 Pretty and Peachy

DelilaSophia Lovely Look No. 2 Pretty and PeachyToday’s lovely look is all about the color peach and features peach eyeshadow and cheeks with a lovely neutral lip gloss. This is a really wearable, pretty look featuring ingredient-conscious products that is easy to do.

I started with my usual foundation routine and a little eyelid primer, then patted on a beautiful shade of Scaredy Cat Cosmetics called Flounce Cat. I will note that the shade is described as a nude pink with gold highlights on Etsy, but I simply call it peachy. Either way it’s super pretty and has a lovely subtle color shift. You can see from the photos that it’s not a very bold color, but it’s just enough to highlight my eyes and give a bit of soft shimmer.

I finished my eyes up with Black Rose Minerals eyeshadow in Manson applied as a slightly winged out eyeliner and two coats of my new Physician’s Formula Organic Wear CC Mascara. I feel like the black liner adds a little extra something to complete the look beyond just a wash of color. If you’d don’t want to wear black, a dark brown would look lovely as well.

DelilaSophia Lovely Look No. 2 Pretty and Peachy

Next I added a lovely blush from Brazen Cosmetics called Perfect 10. I love how it gives my check a soft peachy glow that really does remind me of the fruit.

And finally, I finished off the look with this lovely, all natural lip gloss called Divinity by Erzulie Cosmetics.

Peach was one of the first colors I really loved when I first started to dabble in makeup as an adult and I really love how it brings out my eyes.

Do you like wearing the color peach?