July Sudsy Bath Box

I discovered the Sudsy Bath Box by The Indie Memory Box via Instagram. It’s a neat little box of bath and body treats that you can purchase monthly. It’s not a subscription, so you can choose which months you want to purchase and they donate 10% of the proceeds from each box to a charity. I really love that each month has a theme both in the products you get and the packaging. These are all indie brands (so far) and every product I’ve gotten has been a full size or “deluxe sample” size which makes this well worth the $15 (plus shipping). And since I love this box so much and I don’t think it’s gotten the attention it deserves, I’m going to try to start doing a review for each month.July Sudsy Box by DelilaSophia

The July box was my first box and I jumped on it because the theme was Birthday Beach Babes. I love birthday cake and I love these types of boxes, so I decided to grab one and I’m so glad I did! Here are the goodies that were in the box along with a mini review for each:

July Sudsy Box by DelilaSophia

Xplosive Cosmetix Fun-Fetti Confetti Soap 

Okay, so I expected this to smell like birthday cake which it doesn’t, but what it does smell like is rainbow sherbet and that’s pretty awesome! I cut this into a few smaller pieces, so I can share with family and also to keep it from going gooey in my shower, and I took the first piece with me as my soap of choice on my anniversary weekend. It’s definitely a cute, fun soap and fit the theme perfectly!

From what I can tell, I think this is a half bar, so that makes the value about $3.25. You can buy it at the Xplosive CosmetiX shop on Etsy.

Queen Bee Apothecary Shaving Jelly

This is something I didn’t expect to love scent-wise probably because I really dislike tanning and stuff (yes, I know that’s a bad reason), but the scent is actually a great kind of coconutty tropical scent. But, what’s really important is that it works! It’s a translucent gel and smooths on your legs (or face, etc) really nicely, plus it’s not opaque so you can see what you’re doing. I also found that I got fewer bumps using this, so that’s a huge plus for me.

This was a 1 oz. mini size with a value of $2.50. You can buy the 2 oz. size in the Queen Bee Etsy shop.

July Sudsy Box by DelilaSophiaEpically Epic Soap Summer Solstice Lip Balm 

As soon as I saw that this was lavender & lemon flavored/scented I had to put it on my lips! It’s been a daily staple for me since then. I feel like there’s not a lot else I can say, and yet I find a good lip balm so important. This is definitely a good one!

This is a full size (I think) and the value is $3.75. You can see all of the Epically Epic Soap lip balms in their Etsy shop.

July Sudsy Box by DelilaSophiaLillian Violet Soap Co Sand Castle Bath Bomb

This is the one item I haven’t used yet and I’ll try to remember to update here when I do. I have this odd habit of saving bath bombs and I had every intention of breaking that habit over my anniversary weekend, but my room had a very fancy shower with no tub. Maybe I’ll use it on my birthday which is coming up later this month.

I couldn’t find these on Etsy, but the rest of the bath bombs are $5+ each, so I’ll say the value is around $5. You can check out the Lillian Violet Soap Co on Etsy.

Total Product Value: $14.50

The total value is just under the cost of the box and shipping was about $4.50, but considering you’d have to pay shipping for each company (between $2.60 and $6.70 per item) and it’s packaged on theme, I’m pretty happy with it and I think it’s still a decent value, particularly since a good amount of the proceeds goes to charity.

Want to get the next Sudsy Bath Box? Make sure you follow The Indie Memory Box on Instagram and bookmark their website.

I purchased the box for this review. All opinions are my own honest thoughts.