Experimenting with Color: Bold Eyeshadow – Two Ways

DelilaSophia Experimenting with Color Bold Eyeshadow

I’m going to show you how to experiment with color featuring a bright blue shadow. One of my all time favorite ways to wear bold eyeshadow colors is as eyeliner and a close second favorite is blended out into my crease. You can do one or the other, or both, it’s your choice!

The color I’ve chosen is a beautiful bright teal blue from Meow Cosmetics from their X Collection called Nessie. I happen to kind of love Nessie and she’s probably my favorite legendary creature, so naturally I had to pick this shadow up when it was available! But let’s face it, bright blue isn’t a color most of us wear every day, so I like finding creative ways to wear it.

Meow Cosmetics X Collection Nessie

Note: I emptied my sample baggie into a little plastic pot

So how can you make a shade like this work for you? It’s actually really easy and I’ve come up with two ways to wear it.

Subtle Shading

The first way you can wear a bright color like this is by subtly shading it into your crease. I started with a base of BFTE‘s Bubbly. Then I pressed Meow Cosmetic’s Nessie into my crease and blended it out. Because I wanted to keep this look really subtle, I blended it out quite sheer, but you could build or blend a little less for more color.

DelilaSophia Bold Eyeshadow Subtle Shading #1


DelilaSophia Bold Eyeshadow Subtle Shading #3

As I’m sure you can see the color is quite subtle, though I feel it was probably a bit more noticeable in person. This would be a great every day look and you could use any of a variety of colors. I love doing this with purple as well.

Bright Liner

For the bolder version of this look I just built on the first look by adding bright liner. I put a little of the shadow into the lid and used a wet liner brush to apply along my upper lashes.

DelilaSophia Bold Eyeshadow Bright Liner #1

DelilaSophia Bold Eyeshadow Bright Liner #2

DelilaSophia Bold Eyeshadow Bright Liner #3What I love the most about this look is that it really brightens and opens my eyes up. A little mascara (or not), and a bit of color on my lips and cheeks and I’m ready to go. What made this look even easier to do was that I used one product for my lips and cheeks, Erzulie‘s lip & cheek color in Spoiled.

Have you ever tried bright liner or subtly shading a bold shade in your crease? Do you think you’ll try it now?

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