Beautifully Simple Look No. 1


You all know I love wearable looks and this is a quick, simple, but very pretty example. The tones are pinks with a subtle glow that adds a bit of dimension.


I started with my Little Barn Apothecary Geranium & White Tea Beauty Mist because my face was a bit dry, but I knew the makeup was going to be indoors only and I would be removing it in a couple hours. Toners (not the astringent kind) and mists like this help soften and rehydrate skin which I’ve found helps my mineral foundation apply more naturally on my dry skin.

Then I pressed on my Meow Cosmetics Purrr-fect Puss Mineral Foundation in Sleek Sphnyx with a sponge round. This method seems to help me avoid irritating the dry patches. No buffing for me!

I also used a bit of Erzulie Cosmetics mineral concealer in Light (the one in the slimline tube) to cover a blemish and a bit of redness around my nose.


I’ve been dabbling in looks with more shades, but with my slightly hooded eye shape, two colors can actually look pretty good too.

I blended Hello Waffle Accents into my crease and on my outer corner as well. This is kind of a warmer version of the classic taupe. It’s matte and goes well with the warmer colors I’ve been playing with lately.

Then I pressed Scaredy Cat Cosmetics Flounce Cat on my lid. Flounce Cat is shimmery peachy pink with a really pretty gold iridescence. I’ve found I have a bit of a “thing” for these pink and rose gold type shades. They give dimension in just a single shadow that I really like.

I added Antonym Certified Natural Pencil Eyeliner in Noir along the outer half of my upper lashes and then used my angled brush to pull the color further in on my lashes. I also like to pull a small wing out as well, but it’s a less intense wing than I get with liquid liner which I like. I know I may be the only beauty blogger who isn’t into dramatic wings, but I’m okay with that.

And finally Root Pretty 100% Lash Natural Mascara in black to finish off my eyes.



I go back and forth on using blush or not and lately I’ve been going more for a subtle highlight which is what I did here. I have a light dusting of Hello Waffle Awoke At Dawn on my cheeks. I have yet to capture this in photos, but it’s a very lovely, subtle champagne, almost copper glow in a sheer pink base.


Okay, I’ll be honest. I went the easy way just for quickness and used my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Dark Brown. I’m hoping to find a more natural replacement in the future, though.


I have been really favoring this lip color lately. It’s Hello Waffle Vanity and Beauty and it’s described as a “subdued raspberry red.” Very pretty and the formula on all of the Hello Waffle lipsticks I have is so good! Pigmented, but not heavy. They last well and the prices are quite affordable.


So there you have it, another beautifully simple look.

All products in this review were purchased by me and all thoughts are my own honest opinion.