5 Etsy Skincare and Makeup Shopping Tips

5-Tips-for-Skincare-and-Makeup-Shopping-on-EtsyI absolutely love shopping on Etsy for skincare and makeup! There are so many options and so many wonderful small businesses, so I thought I’d put together a few tips to help you explore these options.


Tip #1 – Read the listings
Take a few moments to read any listings you might be interested in. Two things I always look for are a complete list of all ingredients and at least a brief blurb on how or why the product works, particularly for skincare.  A couple red flags to look out for are what seems to be a partial list of ingredients or non-specific items listed as ingredients (such as “a preservative” vs. the specific name of the preservative). If you’re unsure, don’t be afraid to contact the brand and ask.


Tip #2 – Read the reviews
Look for consistently good reviews, regardless of stars. I don’t focus as much on how many reviews a company has or even how many stars, but rather what the reviews say. Some people see 3 stars as a good review and reserve 5 stars for absolutely exceptional circumstances/products, while others always give 5 stars unless they see something wrong. For this reason, I suggest focusing more on the content. Make sure to look out for reviews regarding a product that wasn’t as advertised, poor shipping, etc. as these can be red flags.


Tip #3 – Be wary of prices that seem too cheap

While there are certainly many, many affordable brands on Etsy, if you see something that just seems too cheap, it might be best to pass. As fantastic as so many of the brands on Etsy are, there are some people who just haven’t put in the research and, while their products might be just fine, I suggest skipping these. As the saying in most things goes… “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.”


Tip #4 – Look for samples so you can test before buying expensive products

One of my favorite things about shopping on Etsy is that I can try inexpensive samples before I buy a full size. Not all companies offer these, especially for less expensive or more universal items, but many of the skin care and foundation products are offered in sample, mini, trial, or travel sizes. I’ve discovered a few of my favorite products this way.


Tip #5 – Don’t forget to check TATs and shipping times

Because many brands on Etsy are run by one person, TATs (turn around times) can be longer and not every product will be shipped out super quickly. If you’re unfamiliar with a brand, be sure to read the statement at the top of their shop, as well as the Shipping and Policies listed on the page for the item. Many Etsy brands make products in small batches which is awesome, but it does take a bit more time. If time is a concern for you, don’t hesitate to PM the seller to ask them about it.


There are so, so many wonderful shops on Etsy and I thought I would share a few that I have good experiences with myself:
Erzulie Cosmetics – lip colors, foundation, skincare, mascara, eyeliner, and more
Good Earth Essentials – soaps, lotions, balms, butters, hair care, and more
Scaredy Cat Cosmetics – eyeshadows
Sweet Creak Soap – soaps and lip balms
Tater Rounds Beauty – lip colors, eyeshadows, nail polish, etc


What are some of your favorite skincare and makeup shops on Etsy? Share them in the comments so others can check them out!


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